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Welcome! Amazonian Spoken Here

Amazon is both the World's Largest Retailer and the world's most confusing sales platform.  For many Brands, the effort to stay current with Amazon's practices and run their own businesses at the same time is a constant struggle.  Being the largest, however,  means that Amazon's gazillion shoppers are also OUR shoppers.  There is no other place on planet Earth where that's possible.


We Are Experts In Selling on Amazon

First - Full Disclosure: 

We are Amazon Sellers

We make our living selling on Amazon by partnering with Brands like yours, buying at wholesale and selling at MAP retail. Our willingness to help you with your Brand, and increase your sales, costs you nothing because we want to sell your product, which helps you as well!

Brand and Seller Co-Marketing Campaigns

As mentioned before, what we do for you to increase your Amazon impact and sales of your product is normally of no cost to you. We do so as a courtesy to those whom we partner with and sell products for. So we're not just another seller trying to make money off of you. We have your back.

Product Sales Images and Copywriting

From the keywords you use in your sales copy, to the images that show shoppers what you have to offer... each part of your Amazon Sales Page is used to make your product easier to find in Amazon's search.  We examine each part of that process with a microscope to see what can be improved, tweaked, or modified to improve sales.


We're a Small Business That Sells On Amazon, Too

I'm Jim Francisco, the owner and main employee, but there are many others that work with me to make this a successful business. 

From a personal standpoint: I'm married, with three grown and married daughters. I enjoy writing songs and playing music on my guitar, and recording it in my studio. When not doing that I may be busy working on some part of my ancient 150 year old house.

I'm a college graduate with honors.  Nevertheless, I've worked at everything from a photocopier tech to church pastor to an online jukebox repair tech.  For the last 3 - 4 years, I've been exclusively online. While we have other business interests,  our main business is selling products on Amazon. Being a helpful and successful Amazon Seller is my #1 Priority. And a big part of that is helping Brands to compete effectively in this incredible marketplace!

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1. Can you really help Brands get more sales on Amazon? 

A) Yes.

2. How do you do that? 

A) As a seller that is buying product from you, we have a vested interest in making sure your Brand does well. With many of us having over a decade of experience with Amazon, we're familiar with the way things work.

3. What does that mean in English?

A) It means that we will look at all aspects of your Amazon page. (1) We'll look at how professional your images look, and work with you for better pictures, if needed. (2) We'll see how well your product description answers questions that customers have, and if there is a need to clarify some terms to make it easier for them to understand. 

(3) We will search for your product using common keywords to see how hard it is to find. Then we may add more keywords to your main image page to help trigger the search algorithms for other search terms.

4. How much does this cost?

A) For all of the things mentioned, the cost to you would be zero. We get our pay by being able to sell your popular product on Amazon. If what we do results in increased sales for your product (sold by us), then we both reap the benefit. The only time we may have to discuss payment would be if you asked us to do something we didn't normally do that had an "out of pocket" expense for us.

5. How can you compete with other sellers? There are so many!

A) We don't. Anyone selling your product at MAP, and using FBA for shipping are part of the core selling group. Those who try to sell your product below MAP (or a lot higher), and don't use FBA... we don't even consider to be competition. They have so few sales as to be irrelevant. 

6. We like to use the FBM shipping method, as we have storage available and the shipping cost for our product is low. Can you still work with us?

A) Maybe. We normally do not work with companies who self-ship as that sometimes means WE would have to bear the cost of shipping, and it would probably be much higher for us. If a Brand is willing to use FBA, they generally save enough money to make it worth their while, and we could then work with them. But we never say never.


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